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About Energy Data

We proudly present electrical submetering data including load profiles for scientific research. The data consists of instantaneous active-, reactive- and apparent power, active- and reactive energy import and export for three phases and has been collected over several months. The data has been collected every 15 seconds for 17 smart meters in the hierarchy below.


Data is collected in a hierarchy, where the total consumption is measured at the root node at 12kV level (Netz-Übergabezähler). Below the root there are several transformers which convert to 230V and go to a busbar. Even lower the individual consumers are attached. Please note that the names have been changed.

For every smart meter following a subset of following channels is available. To get a visual impression please check the online demo. Visit us at

Description Identifier Unit
Total active energy import E_Import Wh
Active energy import (HT) E_Import_HT Wh
Active energy import (NT) E_Import_NT Wh
Total active energy export E_Export Wh
Active energy export (HT) E_Export_HT Wh
Active energy export (NT) E_Export_NT Wh
Total reactive energy import Q_Import varh
Reactive energy import (HT) Q_Import_HT varh
Reactive energy import (NT) Q_Import_NT varh
Total reactive energy export Q_Export varh
Reactive energy export (HT) Q_Export_HT varh
Reactive energy export (NT) Q_Export_NT varh
Total active power P W
Total reactive power Q var
Total apparent power S var
Active power (Phase 1) L1_P W
Active power (Phase 2) L2_P W
Active power (Phase 3) L3_P W
Current (Phase 1) L1_I A
Current (Phase 2) L2_I A
Current (Phase 3) L3_I A
Voltage (Phase 1) L1_UN V
Voltage (Phase 2) L2_UN V
Voltage (Phase 3) L3_UN V
Lambda (Phase 1) L1_lambda
Lambda (Phase 2) L2_lambda
Lambda (Phase 3) L3_lambda
Peak Load (monthly) P_MAX
Frequency f Hz


Please check the online version of our AGENT Software to get a visual impression of the submetering data.

Getting started

The data is stored in the Warp 10 time series database. Check our tutorial on how to get started.

About us

ENIT Systems is a spin-off of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) founded in 2014. We supply energymanagement software to a large amount of industrial companies.

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